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SunVolt Plasma Virus Cleaner

SunVolt Virus Cleaner developed using Plagate's core technology, Green Ozone!
In the With Corona era, SunVolt Virus Cleaner is a personal quarantine plasma device that sterilizes bacteria and mutated viruses that exist in living spaces.

Green Ozone

As a result of Plagate's core technology, it does not accumulate in space and is easily reduced to oxygen,
so it has no by-products, is harmless to the human body, and acts as a clean and disinfectant.

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We are the Leader in PLASMA MEDICINE

'Aim for the continuation of a healthy society'
Plagate Co., Ltd. is a company that possesses atmospheric plasma and green ozone technology accumulated through R&D for the past 30 years and related know-how.
Plagate Co., Ltd. is developing Plasma Medicine Technology differentiated
from existing methods in order to respond to the great changes in the era of transition to a non-face-to-face society due to the emergence of COVID-19 and mutated viruses.
Through this, we aim to restore to a healthy face-to-face society and to sustain a healthy long-lived society.
We are striving for innovation and growth through the development of bio-dairy products and healthcare products that can safely take care of you from the fear of pathogens such as viruses.
We will do our best to think more than others, compete with global companies, and become a company essential to the country and society.
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Overseas Skilled Manpower

PLAGATE participates in overseas professional manpower supply business.